Web & service design


Web & service design

Fastighetsbyrån / Creuna

My role: Art directon, interaction design, design system

Our goal with the new was to create an experience completly founded in the user needs. In a market where the buyers mostly experience the real estate angencies through the leading search enginge, we wanted to create an experience worth returning to. Focus on the immediate user need we suggested an innovative solution combining an immersive experience with immediate access to the most urgent actions—no matter where in the process the buyer gets in.

Follwing the concept I've contiued working in close collaboration with the client implementing new and tweaking old features – focusing on opening up the process for the both the buyers and sellers, making Fastighetsbyrån someone to trust in all your real estate matters. 

Project under construction, get in touch if you want to know more.

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Fastighetsbyran ikoner översikt
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